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Subject Dentium Seoul World Symposium
Country English Registered data 05/29/2018 Read 4263


Dentium suggested future of Digital Transformation

-Sharing various know- hows by renowned foreign and Korean lecturers, the largest scale ever-


In last May 13th, Dentium held 2018 World Symposium in Seoul in Grand Ballroom Coex.


In this symposium with the title 'Digital Transformation', approximately 1,700 dentists from 35 countries including Korean dentists participated, and it was a meaningful occasion where changes and new knowledges were shared.


By having opportunities for experiencing various Dentium products directly, participants had time to have confidence on surgeries and trust on the products that they are using.


In the first morning lecture, Dr. Sung-Min Chung gave a lecture on live surgery and multiple implantation with sinus elevation, with Prof. Soo-Hwan Byun being a moderator. In the lecture, Dr. Sung-Min Chung shared useful clinical tips with the participants by suggesting solutions for possible complications such as sinus perforation and narrow ridge.


In the second morning lecture, Dr. Robert F. Faulkner suggested new advanced guide solution for digital implant dentistry. In the afternoon, sections were divided into 3 sections which are A(Digital Dentistry), B(Dentium in Global Market session ), and C(Tissue Regeneration & Esthetic Prosthetics) so that participants could participate based on their own preferences.


Digital Dentistry

In ' Digital Dentistry' session in the afternoon, the entire line up of renowned Korean lecturers such as Dr. Kang-Hee Lee (Yeonse Headam Dental Clinic),Dr. Won-Bae Park (Parkwonbae Dental Clinic),Dr. Tae-hyung Kim(Kim&Lee Dental Cinic),  Prof. June-Sung Shim (Dental College of Yeonse University), Dr. Hyun- Ki Roh (S Plant Dental Clinic), and Dr. Hoon-Jae Lee (Idaduem Dental Clinic) gave lectures.


Dr. Kang-Hee Lee dealt with immediate prosthesis cases by using digital guide, and suggested consideration factors and such, and Dr. Won-Bae Park dealt with various information on maxillary sinus bone grafting techniques which cannot be identified in panoramic X-ray by using CBCT. 


Dr. Tae-hyung Kim introduced considerations and various cases on using Rainbow Zirconia.  Prof. June-Sung Shim  gave a lecture on 'Digital Patient Care&Experience', facing the start of the digital era, and Dr. Hyun- Ki Roh spoke on clinical know-hows with the title 'Making Virtual Patient for Dentium Guide', and Dr. Hoon-Jae Lee showed various cases which were clinically applied after adopting 'Mill-Zir' and 'Mill -Metal' which are milling equipments. 


Dentium in Global Market

In ' Dentium in Global Market' session, foreign lecturers gave lectures. In this session, starting with Dr. Christopher Sim Kwang Yong, Dr. Mao-Chi Tuan, Dr. Jasbrinder Singh Teja and Dr. Mete Fanuscu (Turkey) and so on gave lectures and variety of Dentium which are being loved in the world could thus be confirmed.


Tissue regeneration & Esthetic prosthetics 

Also, 'Tissue regeneration & Esthetic prosthetics ' session which was held in Ballroom C left strong impression on the participants through lectures with impact.


In 'Tissue Regeneration' part, Prof. Sang-Joun Yu (Dental College of Chosun University) and Dr. Dong-Wook Chang (Win Dental Clinic),and Dr. Seung-Min Han (Seoul Ichon Dental Clinic) gave lectures. 


In 'Esthetic Prosthetics ' part, Prof. Du-Hyeong Lee (Dental College of Kyungbook University), Dr. Hyun-Sik Park (Haim Dental Clinic), and Dr. Hyun-Du Won (Well Dental Clinic) showed their clinical know-hows by giving lectures.


In 'Tissue Regeneration' part,  Prof. Sang-Joun Yu, Dr. Dong-Wook Chang, and Dr. Seung-Min Han gave lectures.


In 'Esthetic Prosthetics' session, Prof. Du-Hyeong Lee, Dr. Hyun-Sik Park, and Dr. Hyun-Du Won shared their clinical know-hows.



In the exhibition booth, Dentium's various new products such as IOS Healing Abutment, Bright Stimulator, toothbrush, and MTA sealer could be directly seen and experienced, and the participants were very satisfied.


Especially, the entire processes of digital dentistry ranging from rainbow CT to various CAD/CAM systems could be experienced.


Through this symposium, Dentium authorities said that Dentium solidified its position as 'Total Solution Provider' including digital transformation that surpasses implant company by targetting not only domestic market but world market as well.