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Subject Dentium becomes a leader of Pacific dental market
Country English Registered data 04/27/2018 Read 3641

Dentium becomes a leader of Pacific dental market

-Leader of research and development, stands tall as an enterprise that encompasses dental- medical field.-


Dentiun Inc. participated IDEM 2018 that was held in Singapore for 3 days from last April 13th through 15th, and gave publicity to the excellence of Dentium implant and Digital Dentistry product to SouthEast Asian dentists. Dentium focused not only on the implant product line but also on regeneration and Digital Dentistry product and showed off as a total solution provider.


In this exhibition where approximately 10,000 participants came from 80 countries in total, Dentium solidified its position as a leader of Digital Dentistry by exhibiting milling machine, guide system etc., starting with the new product, rainbow™ CT. Also, Dentium, as a reputable company of dental implant, attracted attention of the participants by introducing various implant line ups and the instruments that are useful in clinical field.


Dentium booth this time in particular which did aggressive marketing by bringing Digital Dentistry product line to the forefront was good enough to satisfy the needs for CAD/CAM which is becoming the conversation topic in local clinics. Also, it was a meaningful occasion to confirm the possibility of rainbow™ CT which shows a performance that exceeds diagnosis in dental field.


 Participants were not only from Southeast Asia but many of them were from Pacific region such as Korea, Japan, Australia etc. as well. Dentium authorities said that actual equipment contracts were also actively done through the exhibition and it was felt to be a good opportunity to bring about a reform on the market, and the authorities also showed the will to accelerate on upcoming promotion activity and use it as a foothold for growing not only into new SouthEast Asian market, centering on Singapore, but also into the whole world.