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Subject 2018 Dentium World SY in Seoul
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2018 Dentium World Symposium in Seoul

                                            -Held on May 13th in grand ballroom in COEX-


Dentium World Symposium, an international academic implant event, that draws keen attention is being held on this upcoming May 13th (Sun.) in grand ballroom in COEX.

In this symposium of which title is ‘Digital Transformation’, domestically and worldwide renowned lecturers by each subject field such as live surgery will be invited, and the lectures will be held in 3 separate sessions.

Also, clinical techniques will be shared and the latest trend will be introduced by utilizing various cases, and opportunities for direct observation and experiencing of Dentium products such as hands-on booth and exhibition booth will be prepared.

In the morning, starting with live surgery by the operator Dr. Sungmin Jeong (Well Dental Clinic) and the commentator Prof. Suwhan Byeon ( Dongtan Seongsim Hospital Hallim University), the lecture by Dr. Robert F. Faulkner will be held. In the afternoon, lectures with various themes will be held separately in A,B, and C room.

In A room where digital dentistry session will be held, various lectures for a realization of digital dentistry will be held.


Starting with the lecture by Dr. Ganghee Lee( Yeonse Haedam Dental Clinic), the lectures by Dr. Wonbe Park (Parkwonbe Dental Clinic), Dr. Taehyung Kim ( Kim & Lee Dental Clinic) , Prof. Junsung Sim ( Yeonse University ), Dr. Hyungee No (S Plant Dental Clinic), and Dr. Hunje Lee( Idadeum Dental Clinic) will be held in order.



In B room where global lectures will be held, word renowned lecturers will give lectures. Starting with the lecture by Dr. Christopher Sim, Dr. Tuan, Dr. Teja, and Dr. Mete will give lectures. Through these lectures, variety of worldwide Dentium will be confirmed.



In C room where ‘Tissue Regeneration & Esthetic prosthetics ‘ session will be held, Prof. Sangjun yoo (Josun University), and Dr. Donguk Chang (Won Dental Clinic), and Dr. Sengmin Han ( Seoul Ichon Dental Clinic) will give lectures on ‘Tissue Regeneration, and Prof. Doohyung Lee ( Dental Hospital Gyungbook University), Dr. Hyunsik Park ( Haim Dental Clinic), and Dr. Hyundoo Won ( Well Dental Clinic) will give lectures on ‘Esthetic Prosthetics’.


Advance registration is available from February 19th  on a first-come-first-served basis, and it could be done on the official Dentium website ( and mobile. (Additional inquiries: 070-7098-6349, 070-7098-5577)



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