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Subject Dentium Seoul Forum Pre-Congress
Country English Registered data 03/20/2017 Read 3426


Dentium Seoul Forum Pre-Congress

- Focusing on the excellence of Dentium product through various hands-on opportunities -


In 2017 Dentium Seoul Forum which is being held in Coex auditorium on this coming April 1st, excellence of Dentium products will be advertised to the participants from all around the world, and various hands-on opportunities will be provided.

On March 31st which is one day before the lecture, various programs are scheduled to be held through Pre-Congress for foreign participants.

In the Pre-Congress, Dr. Seunguen Lee and Dr. Seungmin Han will open a hands-on course on clinical techniques, and enrollment for the course was closed in a very positive response. Also, a special lecture on Digital Dentistry by Dr. Heuwoong Park will be given, and the latest Dentium equipment and Guided surgery will be introduced in the lecture.
Dr. Seungmin Han(Seoul Ichon Dental Clinic), the first speaker, will introduce Dentium S.L.A. surface treatment technique of which excellence has been proved, and he will give presentation on detailed clinical case under the theme of "The features of SLA Dentium implants with conical connection".

And he will introduce the upgraded new Super Line, and this will catch attentions of domestic and foreign dental experts and audiences. Dr. Seunguen Lee will share his experiences and know-hows on sinus elevation technique procedure by using sinus kit under the theme of "Evolution of Sinus Lifting Technic: Easy, Safe, Speedy Sinus lifting technic", and the participants will experience actual hands-on through practices.

Also,Q and A session after the lecture will help increase understanding.
As a special lecture, Dr. Huiwoong Park(Seoul Ace Dental Clinic) will point on the current status of dentistry after introduction of digital dentistry under the theme of "Digital dentistry: Current and Future" , and he will give presentation on the future direction and on effective and various clinical cases where CAD/CAM equipment technology was used, and also will suggest a plentiful possibility of digital dentistry.

Outside the lecture hall, new Superline and Guided Surgery Kit will be exhibited for hands-on experience of Dentium products, and this will draw participants' high interests.

This Pre-Congress will be an opportunity for active sharing of the latest information of fast-changing world dentistry field and for advertising the excellence of Dentium products to foreign participants, and also will be an opportunity for proceeding in-depth discussion.