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Subject One Step Ahead, rainbow™ Mill-Metal
Country English Registered data 03/02/2017 Read 3590



Manufacturing Stable and Aesthetic Customized Abutment

Customized for Patients, rainbow Mill-Metal


The importance of aesthetic and stable emergency profile in implant prosthetics is getting more emphasized.

Many clinicians are pursuing changes on the prosthetics procedure from old-fashioned abutments to customized abutments, which are optimized for an individual patient’s profile, to build up a satisfactorily augmented contour.

 Dentium Co., Ltd. has launched ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’, perfectly optimized for Titanium Customized Abutment Milling and now it has attracted public attention.

The ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’ is able to process a maximum of ten abutments at once by equipping ten milling bars.

Moreover, by installing the high-performance servo-motor and the high-precision components, the ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’ is guaranteed to show stable performance during faster movement and higher torque. It is also guaranteed to realize faster work speed. The noise and vibration has been minimized when milling, so that the ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’ has now realized lower-noise and lower-vibration.

Intuitively controllable Touch LCD and GUI has been applied and through the LED, the process status and a sudden defect of rainbow™ Mill-Metal can be easily checked and detected when using, and now the convenience of usage has been maximized.

The glass-ceramic function for One-Day prosthetics will be provided in the ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’. The ceramic-only jig which doesn’t require a removal of linking part will be provided as well. After the launch of the ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’, clinicians can actually save their pocket by manufacturing customized abutments, in-lay, on-lay, and veneer using glass-ceramic materials at their clinics.

Alongside the launch of the ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’, the original titanium bar, ‘Ti-Blank’, will be also about to be shown in the market. The ‘Ti-Blank’ is what has realized the exact internal structure of the Dentium fixtures, and it can be expected to have a long-term prognosis with stability due to its precise design and the optimized connection with the fixtures.

The official from Dentium Co., Ltd. said that the ‘rainbow™ Mill-Metal’ which has been developed by Dentium on its own, has a reasonable price and also will be provided with a prompt customer service. The official also mentioned that it will be a great opportunity especially to those who have been reluctant to purchase the product from overseas.