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Subject The Most Famous Top 3 contents in 2016
Country English Registered data 01/23/2017 Read 3776

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Clinical Case Server

Growing Awareness in Korea and Abroad

The popular ‘Clinical Case Server’ with its diverse clinical cases aligned with recent clinical trends, is providing real-time services of videos produced by Dentium, and the number of its subscribers has been steadily increasing by sharing many clinical cases.

All data available on the Clinical Case Server can be downloaded, and its response-web design optimized for a mobile environment offers an easy on-the-go use.  The design, improved to expose many different categories simultaneously unlike in the past, will allow contents to become more easily accessible and identified thereby enhancing user convenience.

The Clinical Case Server has been regularly updated to add the Live Surgery category to the existing ▲Clinical VOD with is surgery videos to allow users to view dynamic surgical procedures regardless of time and space. Moreover, categories like ▲Contact Us and ▲Clinical FAQ helping subscribers to exchange clinical information were additionally created to enhance the communications function.

Recently, contents have been updated to include highly complex techniques such as full mouth rehabilitation or sinus perforation cases, and monthly statistics have been analyzed to offer the most popular videos on the main page, which is drawing an explosive reaction from the users. Dentium said that it is “thankful for all the users for their continued interest and is committed to promoting the ‘platform for exchanging clinical information’ that will benefit subscribers by continuing to provide contents of high interest to users.”



The Most Famous Top 3 contents in 2016


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1. Implant supported full mouth rehabilitation (Mandible)

2. Sinus elevation with GBR simultaneously              – Prof. Jung-Chul Park

3. Sinus Lifting using   Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit



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