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Subject 2017 Dentium Seoul Forum
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“2017 Dentium Forum in Seoul”

   - Esthetic & Digital Implantation -


On this April 1st, the world-famous academic implant forum, Dentium Forum will be held in COEX, Seoul. Conducted under the theme of ‘Esthetic & Digital Implantation’, the Dentium Forum will be hosted for Clinicians and GPs from all over the world with concurrent events and several main lectures by ten prominent KOLs.

The Forum will consist of three sessions, which enable the forum to be more varied, started from the Live Surgery, the main lectures and the concurrent events.  In the Live surgery, performed by Dr. Seong-Min Cheong, the case using Surgical Guide will be dealt with.  The main lectures, delivered by six KOLs, will be mainly separated into two themes: “Tissue Regeneration” and “Digital Dentistry”.  Through these cover-all lectures related to the Dentium CAD/CAM system, the superiority of the Dentium Digital System will be thoroughly promoted.

Moreover, internationally well-known hands-on lectures such as “Sinus Elevation”, “Ridge Splitting” and the special lecture for this forum, “Guided Surgery with Dentium Solution” will be also presented as concurrent events.

In particular, the lecture related to Guided Surgery will be delivered as a duet-lecture by a prosthodontist and an implantologist. The main themes of the lecture will be “Planning Predicting Prosthetic Steps and Aesthetic Prosthesis Production” and “The Usage of Dentium Guided Surgery Kit for increasing convenience during Surgery.” Given that needs for digital dentistry have increased, this special lecture will help the attendees understand the Dentium Total Solution and effectively advertise the related products.

At the booth, recently-launched New SuperLine Kit and fixture line-up will be displayed and attract the attention of the attendees. New SuperLine is the newly-developed version of SuperLine, which has been recognized as the steady seller for its superior quality.  New SuperLine has upgraded its long term stability and convenience during surgery and has arrested attention of clinicians.  The whole line-up of Dentium Digital System will be also exhibited at the booth including Lab products and digital products and demonstrated in front of the public.

Dentium Co. Ltd., is currently working on planning various seminars and world forum.

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