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Subject Following its Chinese Dream-Shanghai Symposium
Country English Registered data 07/07/2015 Read 7234

Dentium Spreading Wings, Following its Chinese Dream–

World Symposium 2015 in Shanghai


Following last October's successful World Symposium in New York, Dentium is now hosting World Symposium 2015 in Shanghai, the Chinese economic capital. The event will take place over two days on October 17 and 18.


Dentium confirmed its position as a global brand with premium quality products recognised by more than 60 countries at the New York event and expects that

the upcoming event in Shanghai will shine and reveal to the world of their expertise and dominance as a growing provider of integrated dental solution services,

especially in digital dentistry, tissue regeneration and implant systems,

as stated by a source at Dentium.


The event will feature a number of world-renowned figures from the field of dentistry. These include, from the USA: Dr. Stephen Chu, Dr. Alan Meltzer, Dr. Stephen Wallace and Dr. Ziv Mazor; from China: Professor De Hua Li and Professor Hong Chang Lai; and from Japan: Dr. Yoshiharu Hayashi. Notable Korea-based dental practitioners, including Won-Bae Park, Hyun-Sik Park, Tae-Hyung Kim, Seung-Min Han, and Professor Yeo-Joon Koh and Professor Ui-Won Jung, will also be present at the event. These 14 guest speakers will provide detailed lectures on a variety of topics ranging from dental surgery and prosthetics to the latest digital solutions. The event will be an academic feast of information.


Dentium's extensive investments in the local manufacturing and R&D centre in bustling Pudong over the years adds value to the Shanghai event, making it a natural showcase for Dentium's world-leading medical business.


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