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Subject Establishes Strong Presence at the EuroPerio 8
Country English Registered data 06/17/2015 Read 6443

Dentium Establishes Strong Presence at the EuroPerio 8 Global Dental Conference


The world’s leading triennial conference, EuroPerio 8, took place on June 3-6, 2015 in London, UK. During those four days,approximately 8,500 periodontists and implantologists from all around the world gathered to discover the latest products and services offered by the leading providers in dental implant industry. Through over 200 clinical case sharing and research presentations, the participants were able to experience a dental conference at its finest.

This year, Dentium made its presence at this conference as the “Total Solution Provider with Over 10 Years of Clinical Evidence”. Boasting its offerings (Dental Implants, Kits & Instruments, Biologics, and Digital System), Dentium once again left a lasting impression to the attendees as a company that truly understands the value of dental implant and digital dentistry.

In addition to the company’s main product lines, dental implant systems (SuperLine, Implantium, NR Line) and regeneration materials (Osteon II, Osteon II Collagen, Collagen Membrane), Dentium felt the excitement to introduce and release new kits and instruments at the conference. Some of the new highlight products were Implant Guided Surgery Kit, Polymer Guide, Ridge Spreader Kit, and Implant Surgery Kit. The booth visitors had the opportunity to experience using those items through hands-on and live demonstrations.

Furthermore, what made this event even more exciting for Dentium was its Digital Dentistry System. With the introduction of the self-developed CAD/CAM System (Milling Machine and Scanner), Dentium claim its place as a prominent leader in the field of digital dentistry. It was evident that the company understood the demand of the market and is being proactive in following the trend.

The EuroPerio 8 meeting was a meaningful event for many dental professionals and dental product and service providers. Dentium was one of those who truly felt the benefit and the value of this event. This conference served as a confirmation that the company is heading in the right direction, building on another level of confidence and pride.