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Subject 2016 Dentium World Forum in Phuket
Country THAILAND Registered data 07/19/2016 Read 5866


Tissue Augmentation & Digital Dentistry


Sharing the Comprehensive Knowledge on Dental Science: Dentium World Forum in Phuket


The Dentium World Forum in Phuket is receiving much attention from clinicians around the world. This is particularly because of the two highlight lecturers, Professor Mariano Sanz and Dr. Alan Meltzer.

Professor Sanz will be speaking about the Dentium’s OSTEONTM III and its advantages, through his lecture, “Bone Regeneration of Residual Alveolar Crests with Bone Defects. Decision-Making on the Use of Biomaterials”. On the other hand, Dr. Meltzer will speak about the utilization of Dentium’s SuperLine implants in challenging situations, through his lecture, “The Use of the SuperLine Implant in Challenging Situations including Single Tooth and Full Arch Immediate Load Applications”. The coupling of these two lectures truly captures the essence of Tissue Augmentation and Implant Placement in difficult situations.

Furthermore, there will be a presentation on the topic of Digital Dentistry. This lecture will be presented by Korea’s prominent speaker, Dr. Hyun-Ki Noh (Topic: The Application of Dental CAD/CAM). He will discuss the digital treatment planning with intraoral scanner, CBCT and much more. Dr. Noh will identify the significant factors for an optimal surgical planning.

The Dentium World Forum in Phuket, scheduled to be held on Saturday, December 17, 2016 is expected to be an event to remember with extremely positive turnaround. 


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